How to Get Your Copy & Funnel "Ready for Launch"

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The Art of Sales Alchemy

Multi-channel delivery of some of the most powerful and persuasive tips and techniques we know. Weekly office hours. Monthly training. Masterminds.  This is the Ready for Launch Copy Club.

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Need some focused, 1-on-1 time to make sure all the copy in your funnel is ready for launch? That's where Copy Camp comes in. Click here to learn more about how we'll make sure your copy and offer ready to start generating sales.

Meet Your Copy Club Leaders

Responsible for writing or coaching over $50M in sales from online marketing campaigns, we're excited about helping get your business or next funnel Ready for Launch.

Meet Jon

Jon Stoltzfus is an award-winning copywriter currently generating millions of dollars a year in the competitive financial niche. A former rocket scientist, Jon brings a technical and tactical approach to writing high-performing copy for his clients. 

Meet Rae

Rae Robinson is a freelance copywriter in the health and fitness niche.  Rae has also generated millions of dollars in sales in both the financial and general info publishing spaces.

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